• Enhanced stability and seamless construction

    FINMA Chemie is offering a new line of silica modified polyolefin fibre-based additives: Armipent Series 2.
  • 2018 Comindex Seminars

    In 2018 we will once again be offering free seminars to our customers, a technical training tool we have ventured for over many years.
  • Aditya Birla Chemicals: a grand group, a grand team, a grand expert in epoxy systems

    The Aditya Birla Chemicals epoxy division manufactures a huge variety of epoxy systems and markets them under the EPOTEC brand.
  • Galasolv NF 62 – Effective graffiti removal

    Galasolv NF 62 is a biodegradable, non-flammable lactic acid ester-based solvent produced by Galactic.
  • Keep up-to-date with Comindex‘s seminars

    Alberdingk & Boley, BYK-Chemie and Comindex are delighted to invite you to the seminar on water-borne technologies for wood that will be held in Zaragoza on 23 November.
  • Identify your products with security taggants from Olnica

    OLNICA develops, produces and sells security taggants to beat counterfeiting, secure products and protect marking.
  • Universally resistant resins

    SILIXAN develops high quality resins for formulation of paints, coatings and lacquers with excellent resistance to scratches, temperature ...
  • Convert to sustainable chemicals at no extra cost: Vegerust corrosion inhibitors

    VEGERUST is a line of sustainable products alternative to corrosion inhibitors based on traditional chemistry.
  • Fulite 98 IR: a functional pigment that reflects infrared radiation

    The pigment reflects the infrared rays of sunlight and at the same time lets the visible component of the solar radiation pass through.
  • Three new yellow pigments with a characteristic style

    Discover the three new yellow pigments from DCC. With its own style!
  • Defoamers for high-PVC formulations

    We help you with the choice defoamers, with the following products.
  • Alberdingk Boley makes its mark in our homes

    ALBERDINGK BOLEY has a comprehensive portfolio of products for formulating decorative and façade paints.
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